Court Reporting in Auburn CA

When you’re in court, you don’t have time to catch every detail. That’s why it’s important to rely on a qualified court transcription company in Auburn, CA to document the proceedings. While you’re focused on asking the right questions and digesting the answers, the court reporter from Mary Bardellini & Associates will make sure everything else is well-documented for you to review later.

Our reporters have an established reputation for quickness, completeness and distraction-free reporting, meaning you’re always getting a clean transcript that’s easily reviewable. Allow us into your courtroom and experience the benefits of experienced court reporting.

  • Digital Transcripts

    The quickest and easiest way to get your transcript is digitally. Having a document you can duplicate for your team, digitally mark-up and keep archived is invaluable. Our team understands, which is why we provide all types of digital transcripts, depending on the format you need or prefer.

    Our standard is a full digital transcript, delivered in PDF or ASCII format. We offer condensed and concordances with all transcripts.

  • Stenography

    Our stenographers bring decades of experience to any courtroom and much-needed clarity to legal transcription in Auburn, CA. From realtime court reporting directly to your screen, to error-free stenography that translates into well-documented transcripts in as little as 10 days, we’re the only partner you need for courtroom documentation.

Your Partner for Trial Documentation

If you require trustworthy and reliable court reporting services, look no further than Mary Bardellini & Associates. Let us bring our dedicated experience to your courtroom and lend our refined skills to your litigation. For more information about our capabilities or to schedule a court reporter, please call .

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